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When I fall into singing during cleaning, working or cooking…!

This was recorded during sweeping. :D

Smola a Hrušky - Hruška (unplugged)

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No message. No “like”. No comment. Nothing.

But they still freaking care and it’s just that we don’t see it. 

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Last night. Like a very few of them.
Body on body.
Chest on chest.
Asleep the same as awake.
Felt his breath on my skin. His heartbeat.
Every my move made him pull me closer as if he didn’t want to lose.
And I want to tell you I didn’t sleep all night.
I was protecting you.
Even if you don’t remember we wanted it the same way.
And even if you go someday and would leave me here.
I will never forget you showed me love.
Which we don’t need to speak about.
Using words that are useless.
Useless words.

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After an event she said we, me and him, both acted as we didn’t see any other person in our eyes than ourselves.

I am not really into romantic scenes. You know.
But :).

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